Nissos Beer-Science confirms: NISSOS beers are good for us*
News·Mar 21, 2022

Science confirms: NISSOS beers are good for us*

NISSOS are the first BEERS globally to be certified for their high content of bioactive compounds with antioxidant activity beneficial to human health and wellbeing

NISSOS adopts the new European AFQ Certification Mark of FoodOxys

The European AFQ certification mark of FoodOxys introduces a novel system for rating and classifying the quality of foods and beverages. Each product is subjected to a thorough evaluation of its composition bioactivity to investigate its potential effects on human health and wellbeing.

According to the AFQ Certification Regulation, the 5 NISSOS beers were subjected to strict testing protocols in assessing their ability to neutralize a multitude of synthetic and natural free radicals. Furthermore, their ability to prevent free radical-induced DNA damage, that can potentially lead to mutations, was also examined. Finally, the beers were tested for their ability to protect important endogenous biomolecules, such as lipids, from oxidative damage, associated with modern lifestyle related cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer.

NISSOS’ results

NISSOS beers received particularly high scores in all assays tested. NISSOS GREEK ISLAND PILSNER was rated with 16/20, the ALL-DAY ORGANIC with 17/20 and the THOLI and the 7 BEAUFORT with 19/20. Finally, APOCALYΨΗ was rated with the highest possible score, 20/20, demonstrating the highest bioactivity in all biochemical protocols tested. Noteworthy, NISSOS beers seem to approach the bioactivity levels of red wine.

Among the 24 commercially available beers that were analyzed, the lowest score was 9/20, while the average score was 12/20.

foodoxys methodology


During the announcement of the AFQ certification for NISSOS beers, Professor of Animal Physiology-Toxicology of the University of Thessaly and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of FoodOxys, Dr. Demetriοs Kouretas stated: “Domestic beer and wine sectors have an annual turnover of about 1 billion euros and 350 million euros, respectively. Nevertheless, the biological value of beer for human health has not been discussed, explained, and studied to the extent that wine has. Depending on the production process and the raw materials used, beer may contain a wealth of antioxidants that provide important benefits for human health. Phenols and melanoidins are the main components contributing to the antioxidant properties of beer. At the same time, the low ethanol content offers a very competitive advantage over wine, containing significantly higher levels of alcohol. Antioxidants are important compounds that help us stay healthy by counteracting the detrimental effects of oxidative stress. Clinical and preclinical studies that have evaluated the protective effects of moderate beer consumption against cardiovascular and other diseases demonstrate that the non-alcoholic compounds exert most of the beneficial effects of beer (1, 2).

“The antioxidants contained in NISSOS beers reduce the free radicals produced as by-products of human metabolism. Consequently, their moderate consumption can exert a protective effect against various pathological conditions.”
Professor Dimitris Kouretas

Alexandros Kouris, Founder and Owner of NISSOS company stated: “Consumers, globally demand foods and beverages that benefit human health and wellbeing. Today, NISSOS beers are the first to successfully comply with the demanding AFQ Certification Regulation for high bioactivity. Although beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Greece and worldwide, consumer expectations from beer consumption are – unjustly – very limited. FoodOxys AFQ proves that not all beers are the same. Overcoming stereotypes we discover a new world of flavors, aromas, textures, colors, materials, techniques, but also great potential benefits for human health of the moderate consumption of high-quality, “better-for-you” beer! The high levels of antioxidants in NISSOS beers are derived from the quality raw materials used and from the brewing process applied. The potent endogenous antioxidant activity of the unpasteurized and preservative-free NISSOS beers protects their taste during the time between production and consumption and exerts beneficial effects on human health. The antioxidant profile of our beers affects not only their shelf life, but also the stability of their taste, as well as protecting them from oxidations that could potentially reduce their quality and benefits (3). Therefore, the antioxidants contained in NISSOS beers, are the most important endogenous “guardians” of their taste and the “guarantors” of their beneficial effects on human health.”.

ομάδα foodoxis
The Founder of Foodoxys Professor Dimitris Kouretas, the CEO Biochemist Fotis Tekos and the Scientific Manager Biochemist Zoe Skaperda.

FOODOXYS   is a spin-off company of the University of Thessaly, which is active in the study of nutritional wellness. Its scientific team consists of distinguished researchers with many years of experience in the field of biochemistry of nutrition and human metabolism. Under the scientific guidance of Professor Demetrios Kouretas, Professor of Animal Physiology-Toxicology, FoodOxys scientists have published more than 230 papers in world-renowned scientific journals and have considerable experience in the biochemistry of nutrition.

The European certification mark  AFQ  introduces a novel system for rating and classifying agri-food products from around the world based on the properties mentioned in its Certification Regulation.

NISSOS is a family owned, independent, multi-awarded brewery located on the Cycladic Island of Tinos in Greece. NISSOS beers are slow brewed, 100% natural, using only carefully selected malts, aromatic hops, and yeast. They have rich taste and aroma, natural carbonation, and maximum nutritional value. Our beers do not undergo heat treatment (pasteurization), do not contain preservatives, and are only stabilized by microfiltration and/or their endogenous antioxidants.

*When of course consumed responsibly and in moderation!

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