Nissos Beer-The next step for NISSOS beer is the commercial collaboration with Olympic Brewery.
News·Sep 19, 2023

The next step for NISSOS beer is the commercial collaboration with Olympic Brewery.

Exclusive distribution nationwide and internationally for all NISSOS beers, with a small stake in the share capital of the Tinian microbrewery

Athens, September 19, 2023

Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos Island is entering into a partnership with Olympic Brewery for the exclusive distribution of all its beers. The aim of this new cooperation for Tinian Microbrewery is to expand its distribution and further strengthen the presence of NISSOS, both in Greece and abroad.

Ten years after their commercial launch, the Tinos-born and 23 international award-winning NISSOS beers will be distributed exclusively by the most reliable and experienced network of Olympic Brewery, a company among the leading forces in the industry.
NISSOS beers are beers of premium taste and quality, complementing the authenticity of local flavours and Greek gastronomy in general, and are brewed to satisfy the palates of even the most demanding beer consumers. Since the beginning of their journey, at the NISSOS flagship brewery in Vagia, Tinos, NISSOS beers express the creative Greece and are an ambassador of the spirit and beauty of the Cyclades and the Greek islands.

Mr. Alexandros Kouris, founder and owner of the Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos Island, stated: ‘Olympic Brewery is the solid and reliable partner that can significantly strengthen NISSOS‘ access to the market, having knowledge of the industry and, above all, appreciating and recognizing the potential of NISSOS, while its small presence in our shareholding makes our commercial partnership implicitly strong and long-lasting.”

Henrik Fredvig, CEO of Olympic Brewery, said: “We are particularly pleased about this new commercial partnership, with long-term prospects, which is also cemented by our minority stake in the Cyclades Microbrewery in Tinos. At Olympic Brewery we support in practice and consistently domestic ventures, through which quality products emerge that can be value choices for our consumers and customers. NISSOS is for us a partnership that will actively contribute to the effort to establish the beer culture in our country, through the expansion of the footprint of a unique brand, with a special philosophy and vision, which is loved by consumers and certainly deserves to expand its horizons.”

The NISSOS product portfolio consists of: NISSOS Pilsner, NISSOS All Day, NISSOS Tholi, NISSOS 7 Beaufort, NISSOS APOCALYΨH and NISSOS Pure Lager. The cooperation concerns the exclusive distribution, both in the entire Greek territory and abroad, in markets where Olympic Brewery is active through its export activity.

A few words about NISSOS:
NISSOS is a multi-award winning Greek, family-owned brewery, created in 2012 from scratch amidst the Greek crisis by Alexandros Kouris and Maya Tsoclis, and is today the largest Greek premium beer. It quickly became known and despite its small size it has influenced the market like few players. Its creators envisioned to make beers of top quality, taste and beneficial value, reflecting the lifestyle and values of the Cyclades and the Greek islands.

NISSOS beers have won 23 international awards for their organoleptic excellence in the most important beer competitions of the world such as the European Beer Star, World BeerAward, Brussels Beer Challenge, The International Beer Challenge, European Beer Challenge and were the first to obtain the European AFQ Certification Mark for their very high – as high as red wine – bioactivity of their composition, for the benefit of human health and well-being when consumed responsibly and in moderation.

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