Food safety policy

Food safety policy

At NISSOS Brewery our mission is to create beers of exceptional taste, quality and organic value that complement the authenticity of Greek gastronomy. Our vision is to be pioneers, to be a role model and to create value for everyone around us!

In this context, we have installed and implement a Food Safety Management System, according to the principles of HACCP and the FSSC standard.

We operate under the following policy:

We strictly adhere to the Food Quality & Safety Management System.
We follow all procedures to the letter.
We participate in continuous training on food hygiene and safety and quality issues.
We continuously verify the system through scheduled audits.
We monitor all critical points and prerequisite programs, which have resulted from the HACCP Study.
We secure the resources required to maintain and update the System.
We maintain channels of communication with suppliers, customers, and authorities.
We monitor and implement the applicable legislation.
We continuously improve the efficiency of the System’s processes.
We continuously analyse the environment from the point of view of food and beverage safety.
We employ staff who, through training, have a strong culture of safety in our beers and are fully aware of our company’s responsibilities to our consumers.
We manage all issues related to the safety of consumption of our beers in an effective and ethical manner.

At the same time, we have set measurable targets relating to quality and safety of our beers, which are constantly monitored in terms of their achievement.
All of the above ensure the high quality of NISSOS’ beers.