Nissos Beer-When the Art of Marble met the Art of Cooking
Tama·Jan 31, 2022

When the Art of Marble met the Art of Cooking


The “ancient” utilitarian objects of marble sculptor Petros Marmarinos travel from Pyrgos to the sea of Ysternia, and host the ephemeral culinary creations of the unique Antonia Zarpa.
Photos by Evelyn Foskolou

The meeting between two creators is always exciting. All the more so when they have known each other since childhood, but have never ” conversed ” through their work. The great challenge for Petros Marmarinos is to create new forms and uses with a material that carries its history and heavy heritage. In the highly utilitarian objects he designs and sculpts in the same ancient way, the old world coexists with modern sculpture and new aesthetic pursuits.

The same challenge drives Antonia Zarpa who, together with her life partner Aris Tatsis, created their renowned -now internationally famous- Thalassaki. The basic, ancient raw materials of her island are transformed in her talented hands. The memory materials give birth to new memory elements and new reasons to return to the homeland. All the wisdom of the past is contained in Antonia’s modern ephemeral and delicate sculptures, which she deposits with great respect and tenderness on the immortal, by Peter’s hand, Tinian marble…


Petros Marmarinos
Pyrgos, Τ/ workshop: 22830 31624, exhibition: 22830 31524, mob: 697 2034686

Thalassaki, Ysternia Bay, Τ/22830 31366