“My God, how much blue you spend, so we cannot see you.”
-Odysseas Elytis

For many, the Cyclades encapsulate the essence of the Greek islands. Cuboid, white-washed houses nestled on a hillside overlooking an azure bay, perhaps with the odd windmill or blue-domed church thrown in for good measure. This is a landscape shaped over centuries by the real needs of daily life rather than some frivolous desire to impress.

Blessed by invigorating winds, long days of warm sun and balmy evenings, in a natural setting of unspoiled consummate beauty, washed by the sparkling waters of the Aegean. Birthplace of one of the world’s great civilizations and limitless source of inspiration for artists and other creative souls.

Set like a jewel in this island crown, Tinos has an energy all its own. It can be sensed in the Church of “Our Lady of Tinos”, which each year attracts pilgrims from all over Greece and abroad, as well as in the island’s 45 picturesque, tradition-steeped villages. It can be felt in the elaborately decorated dovecotes scattered around its countryside, in the waves crashing on the beach at Megali Kolimbithra or in the otherworldly, boulder-strewn landscape of Volax.

It is a unique form of energy, valued and channeled by the marble sculptors, painters and writers who have for centuries driven Tinos’ vibrant cultural life.

Energy that can literally be tasted, in authentic dishes showcasing fine local products and now … in NISSOS, the island’s quality craft beer.

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