NISSOS in Greek means “island”. NISSOS was born in the Cyclades and is a child of the Aegean. It is happiest in the company of friends enjoying the sun’s warm caress on long summer afternoons.
But it is equally at home in cool shade, against a backdrop of dazzling white-washed houses under clear blue skies.

NISSOS  is inspired by human resourcefulness, nature’s bounty, exhilarating light, the gentle lapping of waves on a secluded beach, the fragrant sea breeze, the halcyon days of January and the magic of spring.
And when it speaks, it speaks of companionship, tradition, generosity and hospitality.

What NISSOS is not is an attractive logo designed by some advertising agency for a multinational beer giant. NISSOS is an all-natural artisanal beer with a delicious, distinctive flavor.
Lovingly made by real people driven by curiosity, imagination, creativity and a passion for quality beer, at an award-winning microbrewery on our beloved island home.

The truth is… we see NISSOS as much more than a great beer.
It is an expression of who we are and a proud ambassador of the Cycladic island spirit.