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The new limited edition NISSOS 7 Beaufort!

The new limited edition NISSOS 7 Beaufort!


Another special brew from NISSOS! The new NISSOS 7 Beaufort. A seasonal beer from Tinos coming this December for you to enjoy!

If it wasn’t for NISSOS Black, there would have been a vicious storm the “triangle of the winds” between Tinos, Delos and Mykonos where our brewery lives.

Roasted unmalted barley, honey from Tinos , black Corinthian currants combined with generous amounts of 5 different types of malts, and aromas from 2 noble varieties of hops are the base ingredients of this special black Ale which ages naturally on charred Cycladic oak wood.

NISSOS 7 Beaufort is a robust beer (with) with very dark character and 7% alcohol.

It can be enjoyed on its own, or can be paired with red meat and aged cheeses.

Enjoy in a wine or cognac glass at 12-14 Celsius