Brewing processs

Artisanal, unpasteurized NISSOS beers are made from finest quality malts, aromatic hops and yeast in a slow, traditional, all-natural way. 7 steps:

1. Milling: We mill top quality malted grains.

2. Mashing: The grist is mixed with heated water in the “mash tun”. Natural enzymes within the malt break down much of the starch into sugars.

3. Lautering: The resulting liquid, the wort, is strained from the grain which is given away to farmers for feeding their cattle!

4. Βoiling: The wort is channeled into the “boiling tun”. Noble hops are added during this step. Hops add flavor, aroma and bitterness.

5. Fermentation: The wort is then moved into temperature controlled cylindrical-conical tanks where yeast is added. Yeast converts naturally, sugars from the malt into alcohol and CO2.

6. Lagering: the beer is allowed to rest. Fermentation and Lagering last over a month.

7. Filtering: organic earth filters are used to give NISSOS its brilliance.

NISSOS beers contain absolutely no preservatives or additives and are naturally carbonated.
To protect sensory experience, we stabilize NISSOS using microfiltration instead of pasteurization.