We identify ourselves with quality craft beers made on a small scale. Beers brewed by people who care, not some faceless multinational. Beers made to be the best, not the cheapest! We believe that artisanal beers – as opposed to bland, industrial mega-brews – should cross borders and travel the world being ambassadors of their homeland, participating in today’s unprecedented global exchange.

Sadly, most of the beer consumed in the world has been homogenized and standardized to death. It looks the same, smells the same and tastes the same.

However, fortunately the last years, on all continents, craft brewers like us at NISSOS are challenging the mass-production giants by… thinking small!

Not small in the sense of insignificance or limited possibilities, but in terms of a manageable human scale that allows us to remain independent and focus on what really matters… creating differentiated brews of consistently high quality, which deserve to win the hearts, minds and palates of discerning beer drinkers all over the world.